Food I could actually eat while pregnant

I was lucky in my first trimester that I didn’t have much morning sickness symptoms.

That didn’t mean I frolicked through the first few months eating steak and chops. No way! 

There were some foods that I couldn’t touch and some that just became go-to comfort. Here they are, maybe they can give you some ideas too if you’re struggling to keep your normal balanced diet down. 

 Home popped, lightly salted is the easiest and cheapest snack. Plus it contains a bit of protein.


I couldn’t stand big pieces of meat, yet as preggy belly you’re expected to eat 46-75g of protein a day! That is about body builder levels! Eggs were my saving grace, fried or scrambled on toast was great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One more thing, if it’s fried, make sure it is hard. I read somewhere that when the yolk is soft it could contain bacteria bad for Bab. 


Not the healthiest or good for my skin, but comfort and convenience in a packet.


For a dip, with a spoon, on toast… Wherever, just an all round healthy snack. 

Toast with bovril/anchovette and cheese. 

Another easy breakfast and load it up with protein and your omega 3 by adding cheese and meaty/fishy spreads.

Lentil soup 

Sometimes I didn’t feel like it, but a huge natural source of folate and a healthy snack. Load it up with extra grated cheese for added protein. I’ve got an easy recipe for the slow cooker that is hearty and delicious. Hope to post it soon. 

Cheese, glorious cheese

With crackers, on its own, in soup, on toast, wherever just yummy yummy cheese! Remember to stick to the mature hard ones, not the softies.

Macaroni and cheese

Ok, I’m still stuck on cheese, but a good Mac and cheese was the ultimate comfort dinner. 


Sweet, juicy, soft and melt in your mouth when nothing else seems to want to go down. 

Some more tips –

  • Don’t buy in bulk. You may think you’re saving money, but who knows if you’re going to feel like bulk chicken pieces tomorrow!? Rather do smaller shops more often for groceries and buy what you feel like at that moment. This way you’re guaranteed to be able to eat it without it going off in the fridge. 
  • The hunger is real. Keep snacks handy. I found hunger hit me unexpectedly and hard and I’m NOT a happy camper when I’m hungry.
  • Oldy but a goody. Rather than eating a few big meals, eat lots of small ones.
  • If it’s healthy and you feel like it, there’s no such thing as too much of it. Your body is going through huge change, don’t stock up on sweets but if it grew on a tree or is rich in nutrients, you can’t overeat. Ok even if it is a potato that once grew on a tree and now finds itself crispy in a foil packet ;-).

Remember, I’m no expert and this is not health advice, just little old me sharing what worked for me. 

Try your own and let me know how it goes! If you have any to add to the list, let me know in the comment box below. 

Happy preggy belly! 


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