Letsatsi, our happy surprise in Vanrhynsdorp

If you’ve ever travelled along the N7 from Namibia to Cape Town you’ll know that apart from the rolling hills and flowers, if you’re lucky enough to be there in flower season, there’s not much going on. That’s of course part of the charm of this stretch of our beautiful country. 

On the downside, decent stops to eat are few and far between, unless you’re keen on Wimpy (which I’m not).

As the landscape and kilometers pass along a stretch of over 400km, so our hunger increased to the point where we were just about to settle for Wimpy. 

That’s when we came across Letsatsi in Vanryhnsdorp, a small little town in between Klawer and Garries. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of these.

At about 14:30 (insert grumbling tummy noises here), we pulled into this attractive stop that caught our eye from the main road. 

The setting is like something from a classy but comfortable wine farm, with grape vines and lavender gracing the verandah of a previous century church converted into a restaurant. Not a sprig of green grass out of place in the middle of a semi desert. Relax, its borehole water that keeps the grass green.
The grounds are dotted by the odd pink aloe while springbucks roam freely as a pink windpump sways in the dry desert wind. 

All this is next to another old church painted my favourite colour of light verdigris (that’s a fancy word for a shade of dirty aqua green), complimented by the original face brick trimmings and the most beautiful bell tower. 

We’re greeted by a world class host (waiter is not the word). This guy was in a class of his own, he shared local knowledge, food recommendations and general chit chat in a way that was not invasive, as if we’ve been friends for a long time, pity I didn’t get his name. 

I had the most delicious salmon salad and my orange one the rare beef open sandwich. Any day as good as the best star rated restaurants here in Joburg.
Upon further exploring this place seems like a one stop venue for weddings, conferences (boasting a 300 pax state of the art techno conference room) and a quick stop for an overnight stay in Namaqualand.

If we find ourselves pottering down the N7 again we’ll be sure to stop at Letsatsi for some delicious food and to greet our new old friend.

Happy exploring! 


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