Our Friday afternoon visit to Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is definitely not filed under my happy places, but it’s a real place and a place that makes you think.

On Friday afternoon we paid a visit to this somber place. A place that reminds us of our past and impresses the responsibility we as young South Africans have to live out our freedom. All of us.

Constitution Hill

The buildings of Hillbrow watching over the Constitution Hill grounds.

Constitution Hill

The facade of the Old Fort

Constitution Hill

An old lock on an isolation cell.


Constitution Hill

The non-white communal women’s cell now serves as an exhibition space.


Constitution Hill

Sorghum wheat displayed in one of the women’s isolation cells.


Political campaign posters of yesteryear. Love the design of these!


A statue of Mahatma Ghandi overlooking the non-white male prison grounds. A place, that was once the most inhumane, but will never again be like that, because of men and women like him. My favourite photo of the day.



Constitution Hill

The entrance to our Constition Court. All 27 principles of our Constitution is engraved in wood in 11 languages as well as sign language.


Constitution Hill

Inside thr foyer of our Constitution Court. Aluta Continua means the struggle continues in Portugeuse.


Constitution Hill

Inside Constitution Court – so much symbolism in this place.

Our tour ended at our Constitution Court. The highest court in the country. I didn’t know this, but other countries have a Supreme Court and that is their highest court. In South Africa we have the Constitution Court as our highest court.

Entrance to Constitution Hill is R55 and you can pay on the day at the Visitors’ Centre. The tour takes about 2 hours, but you can easily spend half a day going back to some of the exhibitions and reading what they are about. A definite must for all South Africans.

Live free, live happy…


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