A Day with my Dad at the Piston Ring Swop Meeting in Modderfontein

Sometimes you get the privilege of reliving precious childhood memories as an adult. This Sunday marked one of those rare occasions.

But first a bit of background, rewind 20 years…

Growing up all my friends’ parents drove what you would call ‘normal’ cars, but not us. Mundane school trips, mall trips, camp trips and play dates were never mundane as we made our arrival in a variety of vintage vehicles dating back 20 – 60 years! My dad’s passion for yesteryear’s Olds Mobiles, Cadillac’s and Vauxhalls, Chevies to name a few made every trip an adventure.

You may think it is embarrassing for a child or even more so a teenager, but I’m confident to say that even though I realised early on that our rides were different from the other kids’, it was always something to be proud of and even something I came to appreciate in later years. I gained a unique perspective on the value of ‘things’ and it cultivated my appreciation for the road (or should I say the car) less travelled.

Because of my dad’s passion for these old beauties, every now and again we would visit the Piston Ring Swop Meeting in Modderfontein, Johannesburg . At first I thought this to be yet another long trip in a car without electric windows or aircon and a day of dust, noise and old cars. Or at least that is how I experienced it when I was little. BUT, this past Sunday, about 10 years after my last visit, that all changed as my dad and I strolled through the various cars of yesteryear – treasures , designs never to be repeated and works of art, each so unique representing an era gone by.

Even more special than the vehicles was the few precious hours I spent with my dad, something we rarely get the chance to do now that I live in the city.

Here are some pics from the day.

Aquamarine and white vintage car

White and lime rimmed vintage car wheel

Fleetline Chevrolet vintage car Modderfontein Johannesburg

MG Vintage Car Grill Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Oldsmobile Modderfontein Johannesburg

Ford Cortina Bonnet Modderfontein Johannesburg

Ford Cortina Back Vintage Car Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Impala Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Impala Full Back Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Impala Back Photo Modderfontein Johannesburg

Old Motor Car Shop Signs Modderfontein Johannesburg

Old Trinkets for sale in the market Modderfontein Johannesburg

Old Trinkets for Sale Modderfontein Johannesburg

GTO Vintage Car Modderfontein Johannesburg

Old Vintage Typewriter Modderfontein Johannesburg

Old Vintage Typewriter Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Cash Register for sale Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Signs Modderfontein Johannesburg

Vintage Tea Sign Modderfontein Johanneshburg
Afterwards we stopped at 33 High Street, it’s a restuarant in Modderfontein. I had the most divine Pizza or bubble bread as they call it at 33 High and can say it was one of the best Pizzas I’ve had in Joburg. I wanted to take a photo, but it was so good I gobbled it right up. You’ll have to take my word for it and go see for yourself! If I can give you a tip, book in advance as the place was packed!


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