Classic Cowboys and Ox Blood Colour Palette and Fashion Trends for Winter 2013

It’s getting harder to wake up and darker when I do eventually get out of bed.  It can only mean that winter is encroaching on us.    Although it is my least favourite season I cannot wait for endless cups of tea, tangy citrus fruits, snuggly soup nights with friends and of course… warm scarves, coats and boots!!!

These are the things that get me through the chilly season, that and seeing my pug and sausage dressed in their winter warmers – too cute!

Classic Cowboys and Ox Blood Colour Palette

Classic Cowboys and Ox Blood Palette for Winter 2013

My Top 10 Fashion Trends and Must Haves for this Winter

Classic Cowboy and Oxblood Fashion Trends for 2013

  1. A Classic Blazer in one of the colours above
  2. Cowboy Boots (ankle or mid-calf, whatever)
  3. Metal tipped collared shirt (if it has a ranch style print even better)
  4. Tortoise Shell Sunny’s
  5. Cord Roy fabric is definitely making a comeback (last time I wore them, my mother still dressed me, which means it’s DEFINITELY time for a comeback)
  6. Chunky Geometric Golden Jewellery
  7. Leopard print scarf
  8. Ox Blood Skinny’s – ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE
  9. A knitted sweater dress
  10. Leather studded Jacket

Have a look see at these nice examples:

Watch this space for my other colour palette and trends coming soon!

Happy shopping!!!!

Appreciate this please


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