DIY Weathered Wood Frames

Frames carry such precious memories.


We have a few unmatching ones and I thought of using them together on one wall, so we decided to try our hand at the weathered paint look and I quite like the result, even if I do say so myself!

Pssst… it’s also an awesome activity to do with the ones you love, even the kiddos.  My orange one and I did this together and had great fun!


What you’ll need:

Old frames
White Paint (we used a universal undercoat that we had in the garage)
Brown Paint (we used spray paint (because it was cheapest))
Paint Brush
Paint cleaner such as turpentine
Old newspapers
Fine to Medium Textured Sandpaper
Old cloth

This is what you do:
Remove glass and back ends of the frames

Place the frames on your old newspapers and wipe down with the old cloth and some turpentine

ImagePaint the frames with a coat of brown paint, and wait to dry (as in completely dry).  This could take a day or two.

ImagePaint with the white paint (there’s no right or wrong way to do this, a thicker coat will give you more fun with the sandpaper, a thinner coat will leave some brown still sticking out)

ImageWait for the paint to dry completely.

Sand down to your heart’s desire until you think it has the right look


Put your piccies inside and hang.

Easy as pie!

Have fun!



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