DIY Heart Shaped Elbow Patch Cardigan

My DIY projects have to be quick and interesting otherwise I get bored and they get shoved in the cupboard for a rainy day (and the rainy day never comes).  So here’s a quick and easy DIY project that will zhoosh up your old cardigan in 45 minutes flat, promise!

DIY Heart Shaped Elbow Cardigan - Tina's Happy Place

This is what it looks like once you’re done, pretty neat hey?

Here’s what you need:

  • Cardigan or jersey
  • A piece of felt in a contrasting colour, roughly 30cm x 30cm should be fine
  • Round hard something – I used a wooden apple I bought at a market, but an orange or hard-boiled egg will also do
  • Needle
  • Thick Thread
  • Thimble – that’s just a fancy word for a finger protector used when sewing
  • Pair of sharp fabric scissors
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Soap or temporary fabric marker
 What you need to put heart shaped patches on your cardi - Tina's Happy Place

What to do:

  • Put on the cardigan, bend your elbow with your hand towards your chest.  Make a mark on the tip of your elbow with your temporary marker or a pin.

Measure and mark the tip of your elbow - Tina's Happy Place

  • Mark and cut two heart shapes out of the felt using your cookie cutter, temporary fabric marker and scissors

Trace and cut the heart shapes from your felt - Tina's Happy Place

  • With the cardi still on, pin one felt hear onto each elbow area with the middle of the heart matching the middle of the elbow mark.  Make doubly sure your hearts are aligned and placed an equal distance away from the top of your elbow while keeping the tip of your elbow and the middle of the hearts matched. Use additional pins if you need to secure them.

Place felt hearts on your elbow tip markers - Tina's Happy Place

  • Take off the cardigan, double thread your needle and put on the thimble.
  • Feed your hard round object through the bottom of the sleeve until you reach the centre of the pinned heart

Feed your hard round object through the bottom of the sleeve - Tina's Happy Place

  • Stretch the elbow area of the cardi over the round hard object to mimic your bent elbow’s shape and start hand stitching around the edge
  • Make sure your stitches are equal in length and follow the shape of the heart’s edge

Stitch all around the edge of the heart - Tina's Happy Place

  • Once you’ve gone all around, secure your thread and viola! You have a heart shaped elbow patch! (make sure you remove the original marker if it was a pin, otherwise you will stitch your patch closed with the pin still inside)
  • Do the same with the other end and you will have the coolest cardi in town!

My post was inspired by this post on felt fibre threading, if you’d like some more inspiration.


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