Summer 2012: Colour Palette 1 – Milkshakes and Ice Cream Parlours

Nothing gets me as excited as spring (ok, maybe pugs and gelato come close). And with new seasons come new fashions, so here is my summary after prancing around at Sandton City today for what you should be sporting.

Colour Palette Summer 2012

Summer 2012 Colour Pallette

Side note: If all the pastels and ice cream colours make you gag, don’t run back to winter, I’ll be posting on a second colour palette soon!!

Top 10 List of Items to be sporting this Summer:

Summer 2012 Colour Palette Clothing Items

Big heads up to Mr. Price, their clothes are amazing and while the other brands’ websites are still snoozing and stuck in winter fashion, I got all these piccies from theirs (and they are not paying me to say this!)
  1. A three Quarter Blazer with fold over sleeves
  2. Brogues
  3. A Soft fabric collared shirt with roll and button up sleeves
  4. Gold Jewellery
  5. A scarf or top with the printed gold-chains-tiger-and-pastel combo
  6. Skinnys that look like they’ve been dipped in lime or bubblegum milkshake
  7. Lumo coloured nail polish
  8. Jacki O Sunglasses with pastel frames
  9. Anything in Light Gold Shimmery Sequence
  10. A top in creamy lace

Happy shopping!!!


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