Happy Places: Climbing Lion’s Head, Cape Town

We recently spent a whirlwind weekend in Cape Town with our precious friends and family (it’s not a secret that we are green with jealousy that they stay there and we are stuck in the concrete jungle).

Cape Town is such a beautiful place!

It was a jam packed weekend!!!  We always wanted climb Lion’s Head, but there has never been time on these Friday-in, Sunday-out trips!  But this time we did it!

Here are some phodies of the trip and below a few tips if you are thinking of doing it (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

Pssst… if you don’t know what Lion’s Head is, it’s the small peak on the right hand side of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Leave them heels at home

Wear comfy, hiking boots or tekkies.  My tekkies didn’t fit in my bag (there is never enough space!!), luckily I could borrow some from our hosts.

Lay on the sunscreen

It’s a good 2 – 3 hours up and down so make sure you are wearing a good SPF, a hat and sunnies.

The best things in life are free

No cost involved, you just park your car at Signal Hill and march on.

Water for Elephants

Take water along and some munchies for when you get to the top, it’s exhausting!

The weather must play nice

Cape Town is notorious for its bad weather, make sure you do it on a clear day as the thick mist will not only make it dangerous, but also spoil the fun.  The views are amazing from up there, but if there is mist you won’t be able to see anything!
Here’s some piccies:

Lion's Head

View while climbing

Climbing Lion's Head

Climbing Lion's Head

View of the 12 Apostles from Lion's Head

View of Table Mountain from Lion's Head

Climbing Lion's Head


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