Happy Places: Garden World and Riverview Spa, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg

Last Sunday my orange one and I went exploring the country side, well as far as two city dwellers could go in one day.  And what a lovely day it was!

Leaving the week’s hustle and bustle behind, we took Beyers Naude off the N1 and drove away from the city.

Our first stop was Garden World, about 11 km from the offramp (not to be mistaken with the Garden Pavillion franchise just in front of it).

Flowers at Garden World

Garden World offers such a wide variety of affordable plants. Look at this weird pink one!

I know a nursery does not get your average Joe excited and they have a reputation for middle aged ladies and their gardeners prancing around, but there’s just something about them. All the plants alive with colour is a welcome change to our apartment living and tiny balcony.

We meandered through the wide selection of shrubs, herbs, pots and trees, dreaming of our future garden and all the delicious dishes we will cook from our freshly picked herbs and veggies, just like Jamie O!

After our nursery stroll we came across The Country Market.  Walking into the building, it feels like you have been time warped back to the early 1900’s!  Detailed wooden chairs, cupboards, dressing tables and dining room tables that must have seen children grow up and families grow together over Sunday and Christmas lunches are all over.

Pepsi and Tea Signs

Old signs advertising Pepsi and Tea. Imagine the conversations held over the tea and pepsi sold in those days?

Vintage shop signs hang from the walls.  These must have advertised tea and cold drinks to once teenagers, now in old age homes.

Old Stove and CHair at Garden World

Look at this chair and old stove, and there are many more antique treasures worth exploring at The Country Market

Ok, before I get too carried away and romanticising it, there are a few things that have seen better days on a dusty farm somewhere in the Free State, but for the most part the furniture is beautiful! And affordable too!

Chairs at Garden World

I love the simplicity of these chairs

Inside the building there is an ‘oom’ that sells homemade preserves and fudge we couldn’t resist and some ladies selling lovely crochet tops.

And then just as we were about to embark on our next Muldersdrift adventure, I saw them! My favourite animal in the whole wide world (next to a pug of course)…. Goats!  A big daddy goat and a little goat and a pregnant mommy goat basking in the sun, too beautiful!  And also the biggest pig I’ve ever seen!  He must’ve been 1.5m long!!!

Goat at Garden World

A beautiful goat! Isn’t she just lovely basking in the sun!?

We set off exploring some more. I couldn’t believe we’re just over 10km away from the taxis and pedestrians and hooters and traffic lights up the road that has now become some single lane country road on the way to nowhere.

Driving on we stopped at the Riverview Spa Resort for lunch.  What a gem! A little stream separated us from a distant koppie as we baked in the sun outside at a table decorated with the cutest pot and pretty flowers.

Staircase with flowers and picture frame_Riverview

The menu does not offer the widest selection, but don’t let that fool you.  The choices for lunch are a selection of tramezinni’s, spinach and feta quiche and a chicken wrap.  I had the chicken wrap and my ginger had a tramazini.

The food was delicious and you could taste it was made with love.  No skimping on the ingredients with yummy juicy chicken strips and portabellini mushrooms (yes I am a mushroom snob, the small white ones will just not do).  Oh, and did I mention the generous helping of Danish Feta on the salad?!

Food at Riverview

Look at that generous helping of soft, melt-in-your-mouth Danish Feta, YUM!

We were so impressed that we asked for a brochure and it seems this little treasure has much more to offer than just a plate of wholesome food.  It’s best known as a spa and Lize, the lady at Riverview said she would recommend booking as they are often full over weekends.  Just as she said this a relaxed looking couple strolled by in softest looking robes… We’re definitely going back!

Riverview_individual items

Riverview also offers picnics for 2 next to the river and pamper parties for girly get togethers such as kitchen teas.  Another surprise was the bill!  All mains ordered on weekends are R50.  Pretty decent I would say.

If you’re in need of a breakaway but don’t have the time or cash to make a vacation of it, Muldersdrift will definitely be the perfect quick fix on a weekend.  Close your eyes and you’ll think you are somewhere in the Midlands Meander.

Here is a map to Riverview and I’ve indicated Garden World on there too.  Next time we’re in the area I’d also like to go to the Nwenya Glass Village and Zest Garden Bistro.

Garden World and Riverview Spa

Here’s how to get to Garden World and Riverview Spa in Muldersdrift

Please share if you know of or discover other places worth mentioning in the area!

Cherry bye*



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