Best Rusk Recipe Ever

There’s nothing like having a hot cup of tea or coffee with a yummy rusk on a cold winter’s morning.  And it’s the nicest snack to keep in my drawer at the office to turn the 3 o’clock slump into a second breath.  So here is the recipe that I love making and my orange one loves eating.   AND they make the most fantastic gifts too!

Yummy rusks with easy recipe
I originally used this recipe but have adjusted it slightly.

The Boring Stuff:

Preparation Time: 30 mins
Baking Time: 45 mins
Drying Time: 4 – 6 hours
Makes 2 large cake pans full of delicious yummy rusks!


 500g Butter  (1 block butter)

1 ¾ cups Sugar

500ml Buttermilk (a container of buttermilk)

2 tsp Lemon Juice

3 Large Eggs (help a chicken and buy free range!)

1 kg Self Raising Flour

2 tsp Baking Powder

1 tsp Salt

6 cups (240g) All Bran Flakes (1 small box)

1 cup Chopped Almonds (or a small packet)

1 cup Sunflower Seeds

1 ¼ cup Uncooked Oats

½ cup chopped Pecan or Wall Nuts (or a small packet)

Ingredients for rusk recipe - Tina's Happy Place

What to do:

  1. Preheat your oven to 180⁰C
  2. Divide the butter into large chunks, melt it in a large microwave oven proof dish in the micro and let it cool down.(I find 4 minutes on 50% power works well for me and then I just leave it there till I need it later)
    Cut your butter into chunks - Tina's Happy Place
  3. In a HUGE mixing bowl / tub, sift the self-raising flour, baking powder and salt together
    Sift the ingredients to gether for rusk recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  4. Add your All-Bran, chopped almonds, sunflower seeds, uncooked oats.
    Combine All Bran for Rusk Recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  5. Beat the eggs and buttermilk together in a separate container.
    Beat eggs and add buttermilk for Rusk Recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  6. Mix the egg mixture, sugar and lemon juice into the cooled, melted butter in the microwave proof dish.
  7. While in the closed packet, crush the wallnuts/ pecan nuts with a rolling pin, or anything hard enough to crush them into small pieces till they’re about the size of half your little finger’s nail.  Be careful not to pop the packet and send the nuts flying.
  8. Add the crushed wallnuts to the wet mixture.
    Crush the wallnuts and add to the wet mixture for rusk recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  9. Grease two large oven pans and keep them handy.
  10. Add the wet ingredient mixture to the dry ingredients in the huge tub and mix it up.  You can use a mixing spoon, but you will need to roll up your sleeves and get in there with your hands to get it all mixed up properly (don’t worry if the liquid seems too little, just keep at it until you don’t see any more white floury patches.
    Mix wet and dry ingredients for rusk recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  11. Press half the dough into the one pan and half the dough into the other.  Make sure it is nicely pressed down.
    Divide and press dow into two large cake pans for rusk recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  12. Bake at 180⁰C for 45 mins.  (You actually need a convection/fan oven to bake both pans at the same time, but I don’t  have one and I don’t have the patience to bake one at a time,  so I put the one pan on the one oven rack to the complete left and the other on the other rack to the complete right so there is as little as possible overlapping for heat to reach the mixture)
    Bake and cool down for Rusk Recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  13. After 45 mins. Take the pans out and leave to cool for about 30 mins  in the pans.
  14. After the pans are completely cooled down, adjust the heat of the oven to 100⁰C. Cut into fingers across the short side about 2cm wide and divide the pan lengthwise into thirds (Be gentle but firm so you don’t break the fingers.  A bread knife works well.)
  15. Place the fingers back into the pan, slightly spaced out.  Stack them if you need to.
    Cut & Dry Rusks for Rusk Recipe - Tina's Happy Place
  16. Place back into the oven at 100⁰C for 4 – 6 hours till they are completely dry (or  put them in just before you go to bed and take them out first thing in the morning).
  17. Once they are completely cooled down, store in an airtight container and enjoy!

Tip: The nuts make this recipe a tad pricy, I find they are most affordable when bought from Fruit & Veg or The Food Lover’s Market.


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