Interior Design Websites I LOVE

I think I was a designer in my previous life.  I love absolutely anything related to design – interior design, fashion design, graphic design, architectural design!  It’s like food! So this post is dedicated to all the most beautiful home interior design I can get my hands on.

Grab a cup of tea, sit down and enjoy with me bunnies!

Amanda Nisbet Design (&)


New York based designer,  Amanda Nisbet knows exactly how to combine old world flair with the most amazing colour palettes to create a cosmopolitan yet homey feel.

 Apartment 132 – Blogspot


Gourgeous rooms that you can get lost in with DIY projects that are simple, but with the most elegant results.  Question: Who would paint an entire bathroom midnight blue?  Answer: The folks at Apartment 132, and it works!

If you’re living in a small space, this one is a must! Ingenious ways to make often crammed apartment living more stylish featuring great themes.

Atelier ID


Luxurious but liveable interiors. Great use of patterns, textures and colours.  How funky is that sun mirror?

Brown Design

Whatever you do, don’t skip this one! Mixing yesteryear with contemporary, eclectic tribal and chevron prints combined with classic lines and Victorian influences and animal hides and orchids, lovely beautiful orchids, all my favourites!

Resonates timeless elegance.  Their colour palettes are spot on and something different.  Wide variety of individual elements that will make the perfect accents.

Desire to

Beautiful mix of thriftshop and grand pianos.

Live Themma

It’s Ikea’s official blog!  Enough said (literally, because it is in Swedish, but luckily Google Translator comes in handy)

Oh Joy Blogs

Bright colours and oh so funky kids rooms! (not that I am anywhere near having kids yet!)

It’s like wearing your grandma’s old jewellery.  Classic vintage style that never ages.

The Lacquered Peacock

With such a decadent name, need I say more.  Daring use of colour! Lime Green, grey and navy, purple, pink and champagne. And it works!  Dare to think different!

Please, please add your own interior design faves below, I would love to see them!


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