Meeting Phillip

Wow! Last night proved yet again, that the magic REALLY does happen when you step outside your comfort zone.

I was at a hotel having dinner, alone after a work trip that included a strenuous two days of seeing customers and driving far.  There was an older gentleman, a stranger, in the restaurant, also alone.

His food arrived at the same time mine did, so after a lot of contemplation I asked him if I could join him at his table. It could either be a disaster on so many levels or very interesting. It turned out to be the latter (thank goodness, it could’ve been so awkward).

It was one of the most interesting dinner conversations I’ve had. What a lovely gentleman!? He is retired in the field of accounting but now working as a consultant.

It was such a contrast, here he is, having been successful in his career and now picking the fruits of choosing which projects he wants to work on, if at all, and here is little old me, at the foothills of my career.

We had long conversations about investing, retirement, plotting your career path, studying further and family. Oh, the wisdom that comes with age!

All the advice he gave keeps mulling in my head and I will remember it for years to come.

Showing yet again, that genuine interest in people can reveal a gold mine of value.  Of course the counter truth is that being a person of value is so important in passing something on to the generations after you and adding value to others.Source:


One response to “Meeting Phillip

  1. Good stuff Tina! You are so right about the comfort zone! I met my new business in a ladies bathroom. Was it awkward saying hello and making a connection yes! But if I just ignored her and didn’t step out of my comfort zone I wouldn’t have her inspiring influence in my life today.

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