5 Things Every Woman Should Have…

I travel a lot for business, and few things cut your wardrobe down to trusty necessities than weight limitations and long flights.  Some things you CANNOT compromise on! So here’s my list of have to have’s:

1.  A Crisp White Shirt

Crisp White Shirt

I got this photo from: Sister Brother Style

Oh so classic and versatile, you can go from the office to catching a flight to a party and look effortlessly chic.  Keep in mind that money does matter here and the more expensive the shirt the less are the odds of you looking like you are wearing part of a school uniform.  Natural fabric is better than synthetic, but remember naturals show wrinkles easier.

2.  A Stylish Pair of Jeans

I got this photo from:  wow.ie

Once again, you cannot go wrong with this one.  Darker jeans are the best.  They don’t look washed out.  You can pair them with anything (preferably some heels) and you will instantly look a million bucks!

3.  Comfy but Sophisticated Boots

I got this photo from: aldo.com

Boots can take you all over the world and back and they become like a trusted friend taking the shape of your foot and providing comfort and familiarity when you are off to unknown places.  Leather is a non-negotiable.  The perfect length, heigth, colour etc. will depend on your personality.  My favourite place to shop for boots?  Without a doubt… ALDO!

4.  Sturdy Luggage

I got this photo from: Cathylin Luggage

I would have loved to say I own a set of vintage inspired leather pieces, but alas, only a dream at this point.  It is useless in my opinion to get light coloured Polo luggage for example.  Few things say I am an impractical people pleaser more than light coloured designer luggage.  Seriously, unless you are flying on chartered airlines where your luggage is handled with the utmost care,  let’s face it, your white Polo bag will come out with scratches and scrapes before you even have the chance to take it off the conveyer belt at the airport.  Once again, I am a big fan of cured leather in this department.  It’s a pricy excercise but you will probably be passing your luggage onto your grand children one day.

And don’t go thinking if you are not a frequent traveller that you are off the hook.  Do you have a handbag? A wallet? Same rules apply.

5.  A Classic Pair of Sunglasses

I got this photo from: The Sunglass Hut (these are Stella McCartney SM4023)

Keep these handy in place where they won’t scratch.  Nothing makes you look more unfriendly (or like a mole) than squinting in the broad daylight.  Make sure your sunnies have at least UV400 protection to keep the harmful rays from causing damage to the skin around your eyes.


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