Happy Places in Joburg: Wolves Café in Illovo

I’ve come to learn that most Joburg people have two main activities:

  1. To earn money (e.g. wake up in the morning, go to work, sit in traffic, work , go home, sit in traffic, sleep, wake up in the morning…) AND
  2. To spend said money in their free time (e.g. mindlessly shop shop shopping in all the shiny shopping malls and showing it off to the Jones’es).

EXCEPT for a select few that break the mold and choose to explore and take the road less travelled.  One such road leads to Wolves Café in Illovo.  Situated at the start of Corlett drive (3 Corlett to be exact).

Wolves Cafe in Illovo

This quaint little shoppe is about as wide as a double garage.  But do not let the size fool you, the vibe is so chilled with couches you would probably find in your Grandmama’s sitting room (minus the cat hair) and a few quaint tables, this place has become the hide out of many a Joburger escaping from the rat race.

The walls are lined with local artists’ modern cartoon looking art for sale (at reasonable prices), and the menu (although small) is scrumptious and oh so affordable. They also host great events from time to time like the “All Cake must Go” combined with a Deep Fried Man performance, check out their website for the latest.

I had the olive ciabatta withthe most tasty beef strips I’ve ever had and my Orange One had a meat ball sub he gobbled up in no time.

The service is excellent too!

If you’re looking to do something different this Saturday go have a look see, Wolves = a happy place in Joburg!

Food prices = +/- R50 for a main (not a wide variety, but something for everyone and very tasty!)

Dress code = This is not one for the Sandton Cugals. Canvas flats, relaxed slacks and your favourite worn in top will do just the trick!

Come relaxed as you are, bring a book or play on one of the many scrabble sets and enjoy the relaxed afternoon with close friends.

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Photo sources: Wolves Website, spatula.co.za, toodoo.co.za


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